Lenovo K4 Note Coming Soon with “Killer Display,” Fingerprint Sensor and NFC Support

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We didn't know much about the Lenovo K4 Note until the Chinese company released a few teasers last week. After letting customers in India know about its plans to launch a “Killer Note,” Lenovo confirmed. the K4 Note would pack 3GB RAM. This week, Lenovo releases a few more teasers that hint at some of the hardware the smartphone will pack inside. For example, the Chinese company has confirmed that Lenovo K4 Note comes with both fingerprint sensor and NFC (Near Field Communication) support. Aside from that, Lenovo hinted at a possible Quad HD display, though we can't say for sure that this is what the Chinese handset maker wants to say.

“When is a display more than just a sum of its pixels? Get ready to thrill your senses with the K4 Note,” says Lenovo in a recent tweet.

These are all the specs Lenovo teased in the last couple of days, but as we're getting close to release, we expect more details to be confirmed by the Chinese company.

It might be powered by a MediaTek chipset

Speaking of which, Lenovo K3 Note's successor, the K4 Note is expected to be unveiled in January 5. The Chinese company has already sent invitations to the media for an event. We still don't know what kind of processor will be at the core of Lenovo K4 Note, but many believe the phablet will be powered by a MediaTek chipset. Obviously, that won't be a surprise since the handset maker wants to keep the price as low as possible. There's also a high chance that the phablet will come with a 20-megapixel camera on the back and a secondary 8-megapixel camera in the front. Still, these are just speculations that haven't been confirmed by Lenovo, so stay tuned for more info on the matter.

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