Windows 10 Mobile Fan Redesigns Part of the OS, Adds Blurred Background Effects

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Windows Phone already looked good thank to live tiles, but Windows 10 Mobile pushes it one step forward with a long list of improvements. And yet, users still feel the need for further tweaks here and there, including visual effect that would make the platform as a whole more appealing to the eye.

Reddit user reddit_user_000000 has recently created a small concept imagining a series of changes to the Windows 10 Mobile action center and volume background, adding the same blurred background effect that is being used on Windows 10 in the Start menu and the taskbar.

And the result is certainly unexpected and it's surprising how many great things can be achieved with only slight improvements made in the right places.

Things that got improved

As this concept's designer explains, he focused on three different tweaks:

Applied a Gaussian blur to the underlying app (in this case the start screen) to serve as the background for the overlaying UI in this case the Action Center and the Volume Controls.

Cleaned up alignment, margin widths, etc.

I made a ton of little judgment calls to better cleanup the UI without breaking Microsoft's design language.

The only problem with blurred background effect is the performance impact on our devices, so while it might seem like Microsoft could implement this with just a small effort, there's definitely plenty of optimization work that needs to be done.

And yet, the potential is there and the opportunity to improve the looks of Windows 10 Mobile seems to expand beyond what Microsoft can envision for now, but let's just hope Redmond takes this kind of feedback into account when planning future OS updates.

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