Honor 5X will get immediate software update on launch,eventully marshmallow and EMUI4

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The honor 5X hasn’t even hit store shelves yet, but the company behind the brand (Huawei) is already promising their first software update. The device isavailable for pre-order, officially launches on January 31st, and today we learn it will get its first software update that very same day.

Here is the official word from our contact at honor:

We wanted to follow-up to share a few details important to your long-term experience with the 5X. First, we wanted to clarify that the honor 5X will receive regular software updates, including Android M, EMUI4 and Android security patches. In fact, the first of the OTA updates are expected to arrive January 31, with regular updates following. Our customer base demands regular updates, and honor is committed to meeting that challenge. In fact, our customers regularly provide feedback and suggestions through our robust online community. We leverage this group to solicit feedback and suggestions that help us to improve the device experience with each software update.

That’s great news, especially considering that more affordable devices often get the shaft when it comes to software updates. However, promises and follow through are two different things. We’re not doubting there will be a January 31st update that squashes some bugs, but an update to Android Marshmallow and EMUI4 are larger updates that don’t yet seem to have a timeline.

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