7 things we would like to see in the Samsung Galaxy S7

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Now, while our wishes are based on actual rumors, or features and technology that is already present on other smartphones, this here is by no means a rumor roundup of any kind. If you want to check out everything we've heard about the Galaxy S7 thus far, do read the rumor review over here. For this article, we list the 7 things that would take the S7 a step up from last year's Galaxy S6 in our eyes, aside from the obvious processor upgrade.

1. Build materials


The Samsung Galaxy S6 and all of its variants are shiny and ooze premium – we are not arguing thatat all. However, the glass on its back is certainly a dual-edged blade as it attracts fingerprints like there's no tomorrow, and is prone to slip off surfaces or even out of its owner's hands. We'd love to see Samsung keep the premium, but get rid of the slippery.

2. Slim down TouchWiz even further


Yes, the user interface of the Galaxy S6 and Note 5 had some of its excess trimmed and was reordered and reorganized. Still, there's a few more spots that could do with some extra tidying up. On the image: leaked screenshot of Marshmallow-based TouchWiz (right) vs Lollipop TouchWiz (left) on the Note 5

3. Less bloatware


Amazon, Lookout, Microsoft's bulk of apps – a lot of stuff comes pre-installed with your Galaxy S6, even if you get the unlocked variant (and the carrier models are so, so much worse in terms of bloatware). We realize it's not going to happen, but we'd love to see a Galaxy S7 that actually cames with its own core apps and nothing else out of the box. Sure, we get it, Samsung has contracts with some software developers to distribute their apps with its devices. Can't these be placed in a “Samsung-recommended” optional downloads screen?

4. A 4K video editor


Sammy's Galaxy S6 can record clips in 4K and that is glorious. But its stock video editor can't do 4K natively, so you need to export your recordings to PC before you can do anything with them. We sure hope this is remedied with the next generation of Galaxies.

5. Don't just mimic 3D Touch and Live Photos


Reports claim Samsung is about to mimic the 3D Touch and Live Photo features of the iPhone 6s. That's all fine and dandy, but we'd also like to see Sammy add its own spin on the features, grow them, make them even more useful, and not transform them into a marketing gimmick.

6. Water- or at least splash-resistance


The Samsung Galaxy S5 may have not been a looker, but it at least had some dust and water ingress protection. In 2015, the only top shelf Samsung device that had water-resistance was the Galaxy S6 Active. We would love for some sort of ingress protection to be back for the main line of Galaxy S7 flagship smartphones.

7. Improve speaker quality


The bottom-mounted speaker of the Galaxy S6 certainly sounds a lot better than the loudspeakers in its predecessors. However, it is heavy on the lower mids, and there is a very distinct compression to the sound, which can quickly become annoying. While it's certainly not among the worst, there's still room for improvement and we'd love to hear a clearer sound coming out of the Galaxy S7's speaker grille.

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