How to Access iCloud Photos from Your PC

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iCloud makes file sharing between multiple Apple devices faster and more convenient. When you buy a song from iTunes on your iPhone, it automatically goes into your computer as well as into your iPad, if you have one. Now you’ve taken a picture using your iPhone or iPad and want to share it using the PC. How do you gain access to that photo using an iCloud-enabled PC? Step 1 will get you started.


    Access the iCloud Control Panel download page. Open your browser and enter this URL link: It will bring you to the site to download the iCloud Control Panel.

    Download the iCloud Control Panel. Click on the blue “Download,” and wait for the installer to finish downloading.

    Install the iCloud Control Panel. Click on the downloaded EXE file at the bottom of your browser to start the installation process.
        If the file isn’t at the bottom of your browser, locate it in your default Downloads folder; once you’ve found the file, double-click on it to run it.
        Wait for the installation to finish; the program’s shortcut icon should appear on your desktop.

    Turn on iCloud. Just click on the program’s icon in the Start menu or on your desktop. iCloud will require you to enter your Apple ID and password. Do so on the fields provided.

    Open iTunes. After entering your Apple ID and password, close the iCloud Control Panel, and open iTunes.

    Access your photos. To check your photos, go to My Computer located in the Start menu. A new category will be added into the My Computer menu: the Others category will now have the iCloud Photos menu. Double-click on this to access your photos on iCloud.

    If you don't have an iCloud account, you can sign up here

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