Make your own ringtone with Microsoft's new app fresh out of beta, and now in the Windows Store

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The app allows you to turn part of a song into a ringtone or notification alert for your Windows 10 Mobile handset. You can edit the song anyway you like, choosing the start and end of the song. You can also customize the length of your new ringtone/notification alert.

The app is said to be easy to use, and while there aren't any spectacular features, the Ringtone Maker for Windows 10 Mobile does live up to its name. The app is a free download in the Windows Store, and weighs in at 3.52MB. If you want to have a kick-ass, rockin' ringtone that makes everyone look your way each time you get a call, on your Windows 10 Mobile phone. 

Meanwhile, we do have some screenshots of the app to show you. 

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