How Are You Supposed to Cancel the Windows 10 Upgrade When You Get This Message?

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The screenshot you see here was posted on reddit by a user who claims that he was asked out of nowhere to schedule the upgrade to Windows 10 on his PC. He swears that he never wanted to install Windows 10, so he didn’t click anything related to the upgrade (although the fact he Googled “how to print screen” made many believe that he’s not exactly a tech-savvy user), but the Windows 10 upgrade was still pushed on the computer.
And now he ended up with this, a dialog that prompts him to schedule the upgrade to Windows 10 with absolutely no option to close or cancel it. “Note that the scheduled time can’t be changed after this,” the message displayed in the window reads.
There’s no cancel or back button, no X to close the window, no nothing. The user claims that he tried right-clicking the taskbar icon to close the app but that doesn’t work, and neither does pressing Alt + F4. Killing the process from Task Manager might work actually, but he hasn’t yet said if he tried it or not.
Even if he’s not the most experienced computer user, blocking the upgrade to Windows 10 shouldn’t be that hard and it raises questions as to how Microsoft attempts to boost adoption of the new OS, especially given the fact that there are plenty of beginners out there who could find it impossible to just refuse the upgrade.
For the moment, the easiest way to stick with their current OS and cancel the switch to Windows 10 continues to be the freeware GWX Control Panel.


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