WhatsApp Beta Gets Message Quotes & Replies Feature

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The WhatsApp beta app has been updated to version 2.16.118, and the update brings message quotes and replies, a really interesting feature, especially for a messaging app. Now, do keep in mind that this feature might be rolled out to older versions as well, some users who are on 2.16.116 and 117 have reported that this feature has rolled out to them as well. So, it is possible that the feature is not tied to a single version, but might be a server-side switch. That being said, this feature is kind of self-explanatory, you’ll basically going to be able to reply to quote the messages you reply to. All you need to do is select a message you’d like to reply to, and you’ll see a reply button pop up, hit that and type in your reply. After you’re done with all that, simply send the message, and voila, your message will be sent along with the message you replied to, which will be quoted, of course.

Now, this option works for whatever content you’d like to reply to, be it text, picture or video, it really doesn’t matter, you can quote anything. That being said, you can use this feature for any message that is sent your way, no matter if it’s in a private chat or a group chat. Now, considering this is a beta version of WhatsApp, so you can either download it from Android File Host (link below), or become a WhatsApp beta tester so that you can download it directly from the Google Play Store. Now, do keep in mind that older version of the app might get this feature as well, so you might not need download anything, unless you’re really impatient, of course.



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