Opera's ad blocker now found on iOS, Android and Windows Phone versions of its browsers

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 پنجشنبه 27 خرداد 95 ساعت: 23:08:38

Opera said today that it has added the feature to Opera Mini for iOS, Opera Mini for Windows Phone and Opera for Android. Opera Mini for Android already had the ad blocking feature added earlier.

According to Opera's press release, its Opera for Android with ad blocker opened pages 14% faster than Chrome and 79% faster than  Adblock Browser. Thanks to Opera's use of compression, it downloaded only 229KB to load the average website compared to 422KB  with Chrome (84% more) and 784KB with Adblock Browser (240% more). The lower the amount of data loaded onto your phone from your browser, the further you can stretch your monthly data allowance.

To open the ad blocking feature on Opera for Android, tap on the "O" menu in the browser, then go to Settings > data savings  and tap the "Block ads" box. To do the same for Opera Mini for iOS, go to the "O" menu and activate the ad blocker. It is also available in the Opera Turbo savings mode. Just toggle the "block ads" switch to on. If you have Opera Mini for Windows Phone, go to the "O" menu, click on Settings and then on "block ads."

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