How to Backup Videos, Photos and Media Files on Android

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Below you can find instructions on how to backup such files using Google’s own Photos app. All the photos, video and other media files you create using your Android phone / tablet are being stored on your device’s internal storage, and if your device doesn’t feature a microSD slot, then you will run out of space very fast.

The Google Photos app offers the possibility to unlimited backup storage photos in high-quality straight to the cloud. This feature is also great in case you change devices, as all the media files can be synced right before switching between phones.

First thing that you need to do is to launch the Google Photos app on your Android device. If you’re device doesn’t come with Photos pre-installed, then you should go to Google Play Store here and install it.

Open Photos application, then follow the steps below to activate the Google Photos Camera Roll backup:

1.    Swipe left to right to slide out the Photos menu.
2.    Tap Settings.
3.    Select the Back up & Sync option.
4.    Now turn ON the Back up & Sync switch.

The media files backup will activate when you connect to a WiFi network. If you want to backup data via mobile data connection, then you should do it only if you are on an unlimited data plan. Use the Settings menu in Photos to check other backup options that might suit your needs better than the default ones.

Now your device will automatically backup the Photos and Video files stored in the Camera app of your device. If you want to backup other data from different media folder, then you should go to Device Folders and then tap on the folders you wish to backup. Make sure that blue highlighted icon is set next to the Folder’s name, that’s how you’ll know that the media files will be successfully synced by Google Photos.

Next, from time to time you will get a small notification telling you that you can free up storage from your phone’s internal storage, and you should use it, as the Photos app will only delete the photo/ video file copies stored on your device’s internal partition. After that you can simply open the Photos app and check the photos right on your cloud.

Google Photos packs tons of other features that you can access right from the phone/ tablet app or from your computer’s browser. Note that you need to be logged in your Google account on your PC, too.

Below you can find some of these great extra Google Photos functions:

•    Ready to Cast – you can view any media files right on your TV through Chromecast.
•    Bring Photos to Life – this is a cool feature that will create various montages and stories comprising media files stored on your device or cloud.
•    Visual Search – open the Photos app, type in Search a word and all the photos featuring that particular term will pop up in Search.
•    Easy Editing – it does exactly what it says.
•    Instant Sharing – tap ‘Create Link’ and you will be able to share a photo or video easily in under five seconds.
•    Assistant for Google Photos – is a “bot” that will automatically display moments from past years and let you rediscover some old memories.
•    Shared Albums – this one is one of the best features in Photos, as it lets you put photos in a single folder and share that entire folder with your family, friends or other close parties.
•    Unlimited Free High-Quality Storage – all photos and videos are going to be stored in cloud without you worrying about going over a specific quota.
•    Free Up Space on your Device – every time your device runs low on space Google Photos will notify you, and tell you that it can free up space by removing old photos from your device.
– the deleted files will still be accessible from your Photos app or through your browser.

If you want to check the backed up media files from your computer, then you can access them by going to

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