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So, this week, we've got Google's Duo, a cool utility app to set your Android's home button longpress action, an anonymous social network to connect with strangers, and some more interesting offerings. Check them out below, see which ones you like, and — as always — let us know if we missed an awesome new app that should be on this list!

New for iOS

1. Google Duo

Price: free

Google's (overdue?) answer to Apple Facetime is finally out in the form of Duo. Available for iOS and Android, the app offers high-quality video conversations, even in less-than-ideal conditions, and has interesting features like Knock Knock, where you can preview the caller's selfie camera footage before you even accept the call. It feels less integrated with iOS, understandably, but is worth a test, and you should have it if you want to keep up with your Android buddies, who are surely going to be testing it in the next weeks.

2. Candid

Price: free

A social network that lets you discuss pretty much any topic anonymously. You can select which categories of "forums" you are interested in — from venting to relationships, tech, and philosophy. AI algorithms and human moderators work to keep the abuse at a minimum, too.(android)

3. Spark Pro

Price: free

A very simplistic, but effective camera app, that lets you quickly and easily take a few clips, stitch them in a full video, and apply an appropriate filter. At the end, you can add your own soundtrack from your iTunes library.

4. Fabric

Price: free

Fabric is an automatic travel journal, which will figure out what publically listed places you have visited (powered by Foursquare) and create a story of your travels. It will also attach interesting trivia and publically-available photos to augment your own memorabilia of said places, and will automatically tag the friends you've visited the locations with. If they don't have the app, the option to tag them manually is still there.

5. Love Home Swap

Price: free

Home swapping – the slightly adventurous type of holiday arrangement where two families, or just household-bound groups of people, exchange their homes for a set amount of time. Sort of like an evolution of couch surfing. This app makes it easy to find other home swappers, browse homes, connect, discuss terms, and read / write reviews.

6. Feed Hawk

Price: $2.99

Feed Hawk makes it very easy to subscribe to RSS feeds. When browsing in Safari, instead of hunting for a specific website's RSS button, just tap "share" and choose Feed Hawk. Works with the following feed services: BazQux Reader, Feed Wrangler, Feedbin, FeedHQ, Inoreader, Minimal Reader, NewsBlur, or The Old Reader.

7. Yes Chef

Price: free

A hands-free cooking app, which will not only speak out its step-by-step instructions, but also answer simple voice questions, such as "What do I set the oven temperature to?". A great app for cooking aficionados and newbies alike.

8. Flow

Price: $2.99

A really pretty-looking ambience app for guided meditation. It offers you a choice of a few different themes, and you can additionally control how much volume each of its layers has once you are in them.

New for Android

1. N Music

Price: free

A great-looking music player, with a colorful, flat, Material Design interface. It also features a floating widget for media control from your home screen, its own 10-band EQ with a bonus bass booster, loudness enhancer, and virtualizer.

2. HomeBot

Price: free

If you don't use Google Now or Google on Tap all that much, you can use this app to replace the long home button press with another action. From toggling the flashlight on and off to launching a specific app — there are some pretty useful options in there.

3. SpaceHub

Price: free

An app for space geeks, this one follows all space-related tweets, has a constantly-updated library of space photography (sourced from Reddit), and a constant video feed from the International Space Station.

4. Manga Online

Price: free

Manga lovers unite — this app is chock-full with the comics, separated in many, many different categories. Downloading for offline reading is also supported.

5. Video Gallery for Android Wear

Price: free

Yep, exactly as it sounds — this app will let you watch videos from your phone on your smartwatch. Sure, it may not have a huge display, but... why not?

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