MSI releases GT83VR and GT73VR Titan SLI laptops

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The GT83VR will come with a 1080p 60Hz screen with the GT73VR coming with either 4K IPS panels or a 120Hz 1080p IPS panel, all of which are Nvidia G-Sync compatible. 

While the MSI GT Titan series of laptops are larger than most, allowing them to offer some of the highest specifications on the market and a gaming experience that can only be rivalled the highest grade of enthusiast end desktop PCs. 

MSI’s GT83/73VR Titan series now showcases an even more commanding design with sports car inspired exhausts and MSI’s Cooler Boost Titan, featuring multiple exhausts and dual whirlwind blade fans to guarantee the best performance even under the most stress. 

Available in 3 different sizes and 17 unique configurations, including with SLI graphics, 4K panels and Tobii’s eye-tracking technology, MSI’s GT series is the optimum laptop for serious gamers.

It is simply amazing this level of GPU performance is now available in a mobile form factor, especially when this kind of performance only became available on desktop PCs earlier this year. 

Yes, the MSI GT Titan series of notebooks are highly expensive, but they offer levels of system performance that were simply impossible a year ago on mobile platforms.

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