Microsoft Prepares Its Camera App for iPhone 7 and iOS 10

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Microsoft has just released a new update to the Pix camera app for iOS that includes full support for Apple’s latest version of the operating system, as well as features that make it a better choice for iPhone 7.

First and foremost, the basics. Microsoft’s Pix is a camera app that’s supposed to help you take better pictures with features such as face recognition, smart settings that automatically detects scene and lighting, moment capture to take a burst of frames and choose the best shot, live images, and so much more.

Although Pix has generated mixed reactions in the iOS community, with some users actually impressed with it, while others disappointed with photo quality, Microsoft keeps improving it and today’s update to version 1.0.12 prepares the app Apple’s latest products.

New features for iOS 10

According to the official changelog, the new version of the Pix app introduces widget support, which means that it can now take advantage of one of the most important improvements in iOS 10.

“The Pix widget for Lock and Today screens lets you jump directly to photo capture, selfie capture, video capture or gallery. To enable the widget on iOS 10, swipe left on the lock screen, and tap ‘Edit,’ then scroll down and add the Microsoft Pix widget,” Microsoft explains.

Furthermore, the app now supports 3D Touch, so it brings new features on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 that allow you to quickly access photo capture, selfie capture, video capture, and gallery. All you have to do is to hard-press the app icon on the home screen, and you reach these options.

And last but not least, the update includes gallery scrolling performance for iOS 10 and True Tone Display for the new version of the operating system, which should help the picture look better in all lighting conditions.

Of course, everything looks quite exciting on paper, but you still need to test the app and discover its real-life performance, so go ahead and get it from the App Store to see what it’s up to.

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