Windows 10 now claims 9% market share

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Windows 10 now claims 9% of the desktop market share worldwide as of November 2015.

Windows 10 claimed 7.94% market share in October, which means the OS claimed 1.06% market share in November — that’s not too bad, to be honest. For those wondering, here are some of the other interesting market share numbers:

  • Windows 7 now claims 56.11% of the market (down from 55.71%)
  • Windows 8.1: 11.15% (up from 10.68%)
  • Windows XP: 10.59% (down from 11.68%)
  • Windows 8: 2.88% (up from 2.54%)
  • OS X 10.11: 2.66% (up from 2.18%)
  • OS X 10.10: 2.45% (down from 3.45%)
  • Linux: 1.62% (up from 1.57%)

Windows 10’s growth seems pretty decent for now. Microsoft is expected to release two major updates for the OS in 2016, which will be delivered in 2 waves. The upcoming major update for Windows 10 is expected to bring Apple’s Handoff-like feature, Microsoft Passport, Extension support for Edge, and more. Until then, tell us what you think of Windows 10’s market share in the comment section below.

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