Microsoft announces Build 2016

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Much like Apple’s WWDC, and Google’s I/O, Microsoft’s Build is focused on guiding its loyal platform developers and share with them the new technologies the company has been working on to make better, more efficient products. At the event, you’re likely to see a signature keynote from Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and other executive leaders. We expect the company to talk more about Universal Windows Platform and share details of different Windows Bridge — Project Islandwood, and other efforts that allow developers from rival platforms to build applications for Window — at the event. The company has rather been tight-lipped about any development to the said projects. We also expect the company to talk more about HoloLens, its first augmented reality headset. The company could use the Build event to make HoloLens available to developers and other enthusiasts. “As always, Build is for developers looking for the latest vision and direction from Microsoft. We’ll ping you again when we have further info – most importantly, when registration will open. Stay tuned, and we hope you’ll join us for another immersive 3 days in San Francisco!” the Build team said.

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