BlackBerry PRIV Official Sales Number Arriving on December 18

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The company will announce its Q3 fiscal 2016 resultsAre you a BlackBerry fans and wondering if your favorite company will continue to produce devices in the coming years? Well, we will probably find out whether or not the BlackBerry PRIV was successful enough to allow the Canadian company to launch more smartphones in the coming months, on December 18.

BlackBerry has just confirmed that it will announce its Q2 fiscal 2016 results, which should also include the number of sales for PRIV, on December 18.

There have been many rumors around BlackBerry PRIV's sales, but those will be put to rest less than two weeks from now.

Although the smartphone received many positive reviews from customers and the media alike, BlackBerry PRIV might not have sold in such a high number as fans might have hoped for.

If you hope for a six-figure number, you might be disappointed

Our previous article about BlackBerry PRIV's sales highlighted the fact that statistics gathered from Android's apps store might show a rather bleak future for the Canadian slider.

All Android apps exclusively available for BlackBerry PRIV stand at 10,000 - 50,000 installs, which raises the question if this is the real number of owners who are actively using their newly acquired sliders.



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