Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL Suffering from Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

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Complaints published in a thread on Microsoft’s Community forums reveal that both the 5.2- and the 5.7-inch devices are suffering from this problem, and while plenty of users have already confirmed the same thing, it’s not clear how widespread the bug is.

User BFuentes explains how the issue occurs on his Lumia 950:

“My Lumia 950 will not keep or reacquire Wi-Fi signals. It will randomly drop the Wi-Fi connection and I have to reboot the phone in order for it to reacquire. If I try to just manually connect to the Wi-Fi it will just continue to search and not find anything.”

“Once I reboot the phone it will connect with no problem. Also, when I return from being away from the Wi-Fi signal it will not usually reconnect. I need to reboot the device. I am chewing through my data plan because the phone is not finding and connecting to Wi-Fi regularly.”

Wi-Fi dropping when enabling Bluetooth?

A number of users who have tried to isolate the problem go on to say that Wi-Fi connectivity is lost once Bluetooth is enabled, so there might be a problem in the way the software manages the network or used drivers. Resetting the phone doesn’t make any difference, it seems, so rebooting the phone every time is the only way to get back on Wi-Fi.

Until now, we haven’t seen this bug on our Lumia 950 XL, but we can confirm that Windows 10 Mobile still has some glitches that need to be urgently addressed by Microsoft.

The company hasn’t yet acknowledged this bug, but it has most likely received the reports, so expect a fix to surface in the coming updates.

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