sony xperia stamina mode disables your chat notifications here is how to fix this

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However, many users may choose to steer clear of STAMINA mode for one simple reason – the battery saving option cuts background processes and Internet access in such a way that push notifications don't come through when the phone's screen is off. This basically means that the user is unreachable over chat or email, unless they manually check their phone often.

Well, there's a very easy fix in STAMINA mode's settings, which allows you to add your favorite apps to a “white list” of sorts, making sure you can get the best of both worlds – excellent standby time, and all your chat notifications arriving in a timely manner. Check out the slideshow below for detailed instructions, and a bonus STAMINA mode tip!

1.Get to battery options


Drop down the notifications shade fully and tap on the battery icon to go straight to the battery settings menu. Tap on STAMINA mode

2. Turn STAMINA Mode on



If you have been annoyed by the fact that STAMINA mode disables your chat notifications, you may have disabled it at all. We are here to fix this, so keep calm and turn it back on. Now, you will see that Extended standby is on by default. This is the essence of STAMINA mode, as it stops your phone from constantly pinging the Internet for various notifications and under-the-hood information while its screen is off. This is also the reason why you don't get your chats on time. So, tap on “Apps active in standby”

3. Apps active in standby


The screen on the left is what you will most likely see here. Tap on “Add applications” and add all of the messengers that you want to be reachable over. For example – Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, and any email client that is logged in with your “important” email account

4. That's done



Tap done when you have checked all the boxes you deem appropriate. If everything is OK, you will be returned to the Apps active in standby screen, and you will see your newly selected apps. If at any point you want to stop an app from accessing the Internet while your phone is sleeping, just tap the little X to the right of its name

5. Extra tip



Did you know: STAMINA mode is disabled as soon as you light up your screen. This means that even if you don't unlock thedevice, all the apps that have been dormant up until this point will start digging through the Internet to download any data they have missed. To prevent this, we suggest you enable “STAMINA clock” from the STAMINA mode menu. Now, STAMINA mode will allow all of your apps full Internet access only when the phone is unlocked. So, accidental wakes, or waking up the screen to check the time will not cause the phone to go in full throttle for no reason

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