Bihar to distribute LED bulbs at cheap price

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It will be started on pilot basis in the district headquarters initially.

The amount would be charged in installments. The distribution companies will submit the detailed plans in consultation with Energy Efficiency Service Limited(EESL) and a mechanism will be set up for easy replacement of LED bulbs within the warranty period of three years.

The BERC has directed the distribution companies. The distribution companies have been asked to provide an appropriate mechanism for this programme in favour of EESL. BERC has directed both the companies to finalise the energy service agreement on mutual terms with EESL.

The estimated cost of the project is around Rs 34.57 crore. There are 30,60,000 domestic consumers and each one will be charged Rs 113 per bulb.

It is proposed to collect Rs 10 upfront per LED bulb and the balance amount is to be realized in 12 monthly fixed installments.

The BERC has also observed that the DELP proposals are in line with the objects of Electricity Act, 2003, and Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission (Demand Side Management) Regulations, 2014.

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