Dell unveils refreshed Latitude 5000 Series notebooks with improved design and security

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Dell has unveiled its newly refreshed Latitude 5000 Series notebooks, which are set to launch at CES 2016. The new notebooks feature 6th-generation Intel quad-core processors, and come in 14- (E5470) and 15-inch (E5570) form factors. Dell states that the new Latitude laptops are up to 27% thinner and 18% lighter than the previous generation, so are worth checking out if you found the last-gen units to be bulky

The company will be showing off the new Latitude 5000 laptops at CES, but have provided some highlights to drum up excitement for the new foldable PCs. There's an integrated smartcard and touch fingerprint reader for added security with a separate chip used for processing and data storage. Tech teams at large companies can also manipulate BIOS settings and configure systems with flexibility required by said organizations.

Then you have the carbon fiber reinforced polymer and multiple military-grade tests to ensure the Laititude 5000 laptops are built to last. USB Type-C is on the cards, alongside optional touch displays, ISO keyboard with backlight options, up to 17 hours of use on battery, and everything is designed for Windows 10.

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