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Unfortunately, no specs were mentioned in the tweet. A look back at the Optimus Zone 2 won't exactly raise your hopes if you utilize Verizon's pre-paid offering. That device features a 3.5-inch screen (which seemed large enough back in 2007) with a 320 x 480 resolution. The Snapdragon 200 SoC is under the hood, containing a dual-core 1.2GHz CPU and the Adreno 302 GPU. 512MB of RAM is inside, along with 4GB of native storage. There is a 32GB capacity microSD slot at the ready for those requiring additional memory. The lone camera is a 3MP rear-facing snapper, and a 1700mAh battery powers the whole shebang. Android 4.4.2 is pre-installed. The LG Optimus Zone 2 is still available from Verizon for $29.99.

Even if you consider that all of the specs will get a little bump, the LG Optimus Zone 3 will most likely be a budget priced, entry-level model for customers of Big Red's pre-paid service. As soon as we hear more information about this phone, we will pass it along to you .

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