Researchers have developed holograms that you can actually touch

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For example, Japanese engineers have figured out how to create holograms that you can actually touch.

Haptics researchers from the University of Tokyo’s Department of Complexity Science and Engineering (DCSE) are working on the project, according to Motherboard.

Their product is called Haptoclone and it offers users an interactive system that supports “telehaptics.” That means you’d be able to send a holographic image of your hand or face to a contact who uses the same kind of device, and experience the illusion of actually touching the other person.

The idea was first introduced at the SIGGRAPH 2015 conference on computer graphics and emerging technologies. The product is not commercially available, but coupled with other VR and AR projects, Haptoclone technology could help create even more immersive digital experiences – assuming DCSE’s prototype is someday incorporated into commercially available products.

“It would be great to allow people in different locations to communicate with one another while experiencing a sense of touch. We could, for example, put a transparent glass here and divide the room,” Yasutoshi Makino said. “Imagine if you were in a zoo, and there was a lion on the other side of the glass that you could have the sensation of touching.”

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