Samsung is about to unleash unbelievably thin and light Skylake Ultrabooks

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Now that's what we call seriously portable…

There will also be a 15-inch flavour weighing in at 2.9lb (1.3kg), with a thickness of 0.6-inches (15mm).

There will reportedly be at least six different models, and all of these laptops will be powered by Skylake processors (unsurprisingly), and they will of course run Windows 10.

The base models will start with 4GB of RAM stepping up to 8GB of RAM for the other offerings in the range, with 128GB SSDs on board for storage in most cases (the one exception being the top-of-the-line 13.3-inch model, the NT900X3L-K78L, which will have a 256GB SSD).

1920 x 1080 full HD resolution displays will also be the order of the day, although one model will apparently carry a higher resolution screen (and doubtless a higher price tag, too). That's the NT900X3K-K36 which will boast a 3200 x 1800 pixel 13.3-inch display, and it will also have a chunkier battery, metal chassis, and the screen will fold back 180 degrees.

As mentioned, we'll doubtless get the full details from the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

As we reported recently, Samsung also has an 8-inch tablet in the pipeline, and this is going to be a budget affair which will arrive at some stage likely early next year.

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