Samsung Galaxy S7: Note 5-like form factor, protruding camera and more

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Following a recent report offering a number of details on the forthcoming handset, the rumor mill is once again churning out info, suggesting that the device will include a protruding camera whilst looking like the smaller cousin of the Galaxy Note 5.

According to a tipster ofSamMobile, the design of the S7 will be very similar to that of the Note 5, just smaller in form factor. This comparison is said to be drawn from the upcoming device's curved rear, which'll apparently shape up akin to the Note 5 and also Samsung's Z3.

The report also indicates that the home button will be the rounded affair to which users are accustomed. There have been suggestions that it could take a more squared aesthetic. Either way, it seems fairly improbable that the tweaking of the button's appearance will be a deal-breaker to prospective buyers. If you're part of the mobile community that loathes protruding camera modules, then there's some bad news to digest. Contrary to some notably hopeful tidbits, the tipster of SamMobile suggests that the camera will not sit flush.

The official unveiling of the device on February 21st is so near, yet so far -- particularly for those planning on following the build-up. We're still somewhat feeding off scraps in lieu of any nailed-on evidence, although the panel leak earlier this week does seem to tie in with this new information. In short, any visual differences between the S6 and S7 are likely to be rudimentary. Meanwhile, the internal hardware will get its customary bump , while Sammy could also throw in an iris scanner for good measure.

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