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HomeKit's the smart-home language built into iOS 8 and iOS 9, and it allows you to group compatible gadgets from different companies into single commands for Siri -- Apple's voice assistant.

The Wall Switch and Dimmer Switch are due out this spring for an unknown price, and also feature remote functionality and a built-in nightlight. They'll support single-pole and three-way switches

The Wall Outlet's due out in the summer. It'll provide energy usage information, both in current and average wattage of devices plugged into it.

All iDevices gadgets will enable remote functionality, scheduling, and rules, and all are compatible with HomeKit.

Enter: Flir's new Scout TK. According to Flir, the Scout TK is a "pocket-sized" camera that doesn't need a secondary device to operate. Instead, it captures video and pictures "internally." It also boasts a few upgrades over the Flir One:

It's supposed to have a longer range so it can pick up on thermal readings from up to 100 yards away.

It weighs 6 ounces and is supposedly weather-proofed and durable enough to handle the elements as well as falls.

It is designed to last for up to five hours of continual use.

LifeFuels expects to launch an app in early 2016 on iPhone and Android that will also allow you to pick which FuelPod you'd like to fill your cup with. Additionally, it charges wirelessly. OK, I admit that is a pretty smart water bottle.

There is a variety of FuelPods available and LifeFuel is expecting to release more in the future. They vary in size -- a single pod can hold as much as 25 servings and as little as one, like a Keurig cup -- and are broken down into three main categories: water enhancers, vitamins and supplements. Each category has a few options to choose from and include lots of healthy options, like a daily multivitamin pod or a pre-workout protein pod. Though they vary in price, according to LifeFuels, they cost about the same as buying a regular bottle of vitamins.

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