10 of the best iOS games coming in the first half of 2016

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1. Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear


Official website Expected in March 2016


Siege ofDragonspear is an original expansion for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (2012). Made by the same developers (Overhaul Games/Beamdog), Siege will bridge the story between the first and second instalment in the series. Fans will face against a sinister crusade led by a warrior called the Shining Lady. The game will introduce four new characters to join your party, as well as a new character class, a bunch of new locations, quests, items, spells, and many other goodies. Otherwise, this will be a Baldur's Gate game like you know and love it, complete with the option of importing your character from BG: Enhanced Edition, playing through the expansion, and then exporting it to BG 2: EE for another go at the famed RPG. Awesome!

Why we wait? - More adventures in the Forgotten Realms!

2. Armello


Official website Expected in March 2016


Armello is a beautiful digital card and board game in which you play as a nameless hero from one of the four Great Clans - Rat, Rabbit, Bear, and Wolf. The playing board is divided into hex tiles which you explore as you quest, scheme, explore, kill monsters and face off against other players in multiplayer combat.

Why we wait? - Gorgeous art style - Visceral combat - You can be a bear! - You can be a wolf!

3. Submerged


Official website Expected in June 2016


Submerged tells the tale of a young woman and her smaller brother who explorE the ruins of a sunken city. The boy is severely ill, which is why our heroine scavenges the destroyed buildings for any substances which could lengthen his life and also help her in future quests. The game doesn't feature many cutscenes, as it is up to the players to acquire clues and put the story together.

Why we wait? - Beautiful 3D graphics - Exploring abandoned buildings - So much water!

4. Neon Chrome


Official website Expected in June 2016


In Neon Chrome, you become a cyber-augmented mercenary tasked with killing the overseer of a grand skyscraper owned by one of the world's most powerful corporations. Interestingly enough, all maps and challenges in the game are generated randomly, which makes each play session different. Neon Chrome is inspired by old-school action games, which means that it's all about ploughing through hordes of human and robotic enemies armed with all sorts of futuristic guns. The game plays like a top-down shooter, with the character aiming freely, independent of his movement's direction. And, perhaps most importantly, the game environment is fully destructible. However, when your mercenary character dies, he dies forever, which means you must start the game over and battle through totally different, randomly generated levels. So if you want to die a little less, feel free to pay the parts bank a visit. There, you can buy new augmentation to become a tougher, more combative assassin.

Why we wait? - Bionic implants! - Non-stop shooting action

5. Torchlight Mobile


Official website Expected in March 2016


Torchlight is a fantasy action RPG made by Runic Games. It's set in the fictional town of Torchlight and its expansive caverns and dungeons. Its residents mine a mysterious ore named Ember, which has the power to imbue people and items with magical power. But the material also has a corrupting influence, which has made past civilizations collapse and puts the ones who use it at present in danger. Torchlight boasts outstanding music created by Diablo composer and sound designer Matt Uelmen, along with terrific art. It's also a popular game, having sold almost 2 million copies as of last year. Bringing it to iOS makes a whole lot of sense at this point.

Why we wait? - Awesome RPG gameplay - Music by the guy who did the Tristram theme!

6. Pokémon Go


Official website Expected to launch when it's done in 2016


Pokémon GO is the poke-hunting game every fan of the franchise has dreamed of. It will use real location information to make players search the real world, exploring their surroundings and catching Pokemon with friends and fellow players. GO is an augmented reality game that comes complete with the Pokemon GO Plus.Pokémon GO has been developed in partnership with Niantic Inc.

Why we wait? - 'cause we're gonna' catch 'em all!

7. Samorost 3


Official website Expected to launch in June 2016


Amanita Design has built a reputation for making unbelievably pretty games, and Samorost 3 certainly stands up to scrutiny. This is a point-and-click adventure set in a whimsical, unpredictable, completely overgrown forest-y type of "I don't know where the heck am I!" setting. We can't know for sure how the third game will turn out, but judging from the previous two, we have some great pointers! . Samorost 3 could be the best instalment in the series, so we're genuinely excited for its probable June 2016 release.

Why we wait? - Gorgeous art - Mind-twisting gameplay

8. Marvel Avengers Academy


Official website Expected to launch in March 2016


The newest Marvel Avengers game will let you build the ultimate Super Hero academy and play as your favorite characters in a way you haven't seen them before. They are reimagined as students that are yet to develop their superpowers, so in addition to being The Hulk's tutor, you will also build a superherocampus, unlock favorite heroes and evildoers, handle their social lives and take up epic missions, of course.

9. Heroes of Normandie


Official website Expected to launch in June 2016


HON is a turn-based strategy game set during World War 2. It takes place right after D-Day in 1944. The player commands one of three playable armies, that is the American, British, or German. Each one has a distinct arsenal and unique special abilities, along with a separate campaign story. The game includes quick battles, special mini-scenarios, and multiplayer battles against human opponents. There's also a map editor which lets one create battlefields and armies to be shared with the gaming community.

Why we wait? - It's a serious strategy game set in a dark, but inevitable part of 20 century history

10. 60 Seconds


Official website Expected to launch in June 2016


60 Seconds is a game about Ted, the head of a classic American family that lives in their house in the suburbs. Their mundane life is shaken up by an impending apocalypse, as they are given 60 seconds by the US government to gather supplies and get to the bunker underneath them, before the first bomb detonates. You are to be aided in your choices by the government warning system, which gives off useful clues and hints. Things don't end here, though! Once inside the bunker, you must survive as long as possible through a dynamic, randomly generated flow of life-endangering events, such as dealing with mutated cockroaches or doing a supply run on the surface.

Why we wait? - Mutant cockroaches!

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