Best Windows Phone Apps and Games of 2015

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While I have plucked a handful of titles to spotlight, there is no way to cover all the best Windows Phone offerings from 2015. If your favorite Windows Phone title wasn't mentioned, feel free to toss out your recommendation in the comments below.

1. Prune

Prune is a beautiful game that has you growing and cultivating a tree. Available from both the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Stores, the goal is to prune your tree to promote growth. Growth that needs to avoid a few dangers and eventually reach the sunlight. Prune launches with a brief tutorial that shows you how to start your tree's growth and how to prune the branches. You have a patch of fertile soil that you swipe up on to start the growth. Your initial growth will follow the direction of your swipe. For example, swiping at a slight curve to the right will cause your tree's growth to head in that direction.

Swiping at a branch will trim it and allow the tree to grow a little quicker. You can manipulate the direction of growth by swiping branches to the right or left to have the tree's growth head in that direction. Prune is a level based game and to successfully advance through the levels, your tree will need to reach the sunlight and bloom.

Graphics and animations are well drawn up, game play challenging and overall, Prune is an enjoyable, somewhat relaxing game to pass the time with. It is easy to see how Prune was named Time Magazine's Best Video Game of 2015.

2. Fanband

If you have a Microsoft Band, FanBand from Liquid Daffodil is a must have app. Fanband includes a collection of over a thousand Band themes to help you make your Microsoft Band better fit your personality and tastes

Theme categories include Movies & TV, Sport, Gaming, Technology and more. You can add a Star Wars Jedi Order theme to your Band or pick your favorite U.K. Football team. There is even a Dan Rubino theme available. FanBand supports both the original Microsoft Band and the Band 2 with versions of the app available from both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Store.

FanBand is a staff favorite and easily one of the best Band Apps available in the Stores.

3. Gods of Rome

Gameloft is one of the leading developers in the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores with no shortage of releases in 2015. Choosing just one of these titles for this roundup was difficult and boiled down to Dragon Mania Legends and Gods of Rome. Both are great games to invest your time with, with great graphics and challenging gameplay.

Gods of Rome

I had to give the nod to Gods of Rome, but only by a hair. The game has you battling mythical and historical characters across three gaming modes. You build a team of warriors that includes the likes of Zeus, Achilles, Julius Caesar, Spartacus, Athena and more. ontrols are user friendly and gameplay is challenging. If you like fighting games, Gods of Rome will not disappoint. It is a free game that is available from both the Windows and Windows Phone Store with several in-app purchase opportunities. It does not support low-memory Windows Phones.

4. Perfect Clock

Perfect Clock is one of the many offerings from Perfect Thumb that approaches app design and functionality in a rather simplistic manner. Perfect Clock offers you over thirty clock styles that can be pinned to your Windows Phone Start Screen to not only keep you on time but also offer a little flair to your Windows Phone appearance.

Clock styles range from your traditional analog clock faces to unique digital layouts. Settings include options to choose between 12 and 24-hour formats, turning on/off sound effect, choosing a theme color and turning on/off the Live Tile transparent background.

Perfect Clock is a free app available for both Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1. The base app includes a handful of clock designs with the full catalog of clock faces available with a

. Twins Minigame

Much like Gameloft, Game Troopers is one of the more dominant gaming publishers in the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Stores. Choosing just one game was difficult and when the dust settled, I went with a fun and simple game to pass the time with - Twins Minigame.

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