Google Maps can predict your every move

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 چهارشنبه 23 دی 94 ساعت: 20:42:07

This new feature is designed to help you out on your daily commute or errand run by using. On top of eliminating the step searching for your next destination, driving mode will also give you updates on traffic and travel time as you move.

The new mode is easy enough to find from the nav drawer but actually activating it will require some digging around in the settings. The process seems bugged for now but users will be able to turn on driving mode and add a shortcut to their home screen through the navigation settings – that is, assuming the new options appear correctly.

Android Police explained another way of doing it would require adding the shortcut on the screen, quitting the main app and even restarting the device before you could access the feature directly.

The new driving mode sounds like a real convenience and we hope Google will finalize the feature so its easy for anyone to access.

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