Samsung to be primary supplier of iPhone OLED panels

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In its current state the OLED market has only a few major players that can hope to even come close to the order volumes Cupertino would require, which is why speculations have involved Samsung as a primary supplier. The two giant's polarized business relationship has also led to some speculations about enlisting Japan Display Inc. for future iPhone display orders, but that seems less likely after a new wave of interesting contracts was unearthed.

No official information has been shared on the subject yet by any of the involved parties, but industry sources claim that a contract between Apple and Samsung has already been signed. We can only imagine the severe non-disclosure clauses such a document may have, but in an effort to bring some more believability to the rumor, leaksters have backed it up with a few numbers.

Allegedly, Samsung is planning to invest $6.64 billion to $7.47 billion in its display business. This would go towards equipment, plant improvements and staff to enable increased production loads. Allegedly, the investment will be broken down into an initial $2.49B to $3.32B this year to ensure the production of 30 000 to 45 000 OLED sheets per month, followed by an additional $4.17 billion in 2017 for another 45 000 sheets monthly.



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