Samsung may head back to the Galaxy S4 for its new Galaxy S7 feature

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Samsung actually tried to create something similar before. Back on the Samsung Galaxy S4 the company introduced a feature called Animated GIF and another called Sound and Shot. The former took a series of photos and put them together to make a GIF, while the latter blended an image and a sound bite together. Both these modes did a similar thing to Live Photos - Animated GIF in particular - but were never pushed as a big feature of the phone. New rumours suggest Samsung is now looking to try it again with a feature called Vivid Photos that works in a similar way to Apple's Live Photos.

Distant past

A software engineer at Samsung told Android Geeks that the feature is currently in development, and it's hoped it will be ready to debut on the Galaxy S7. If it gets delayed it'll come in a software update after launch. Sound won't be recorded within Vivid Photo, but that does offer the benefit of it being easier to share. We'd assume you could share a Vivid Photo to Facebook quite easily as it'll look much like a GIF. You can currently download Animated GIF and Sound & Shot from the Galaxy apps store onto the Galaxy S6. Samsung isn't the only Android manufacturer to try something similar to Live Photos. HTC had a feature called Zoe Capture on the HTC One which did a similar thing by taking video before and after your shot.

The Galaxy S4 is a stunning smartphone that won't let you down for a variety of tasks. It's not as good overall as the HTC One, especially when you factor in the design, but we love the S4 and would be proud to have it in our pocket.


Stunning screen, Superfast processor, Great camera


Feels cheaper than similar-priced phones, 'Innovation' makes things too complex, Slight UI issues

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