Here are 3 reasons you should uninstall Facebook now

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1. It drains resources


Facebook has been a large, resource-draining app for quite some time now. Opening the app can lead to long loading times on older devices, RAM consumption is high compared with most other apps and scrolling through your news feed chews up a lot of data. There also the issue of battery life. Powering such a resource-intensive app requires a fair chunk of battery life, so you’re likely to see a tangible difference in how long your phone lasts on a single charge with and without Facebook installed. Facebook is an essential app for many Android users, so the tax on system and battery performance might be a compromise that many of you are willing to make. But for other Facebookers, this might be more compromise than they want.

2.Facebook mobile is great



But there’s an alternative. You could uninstall – yes, uninstall – the Facebook mobile app. That would cut out most of the compromise. What does a Facebook user do when they don’t have the app? Use Facebook mobile. Or better yet, Facebook in Google Chrome. There are some neat things about it. Firstly, on signing into Facebook, Chrome will ask if you want to receive push notifications directly from Facebook. If you opt-in to this, you’ll be kept updated even when you aren’t using the browser. The design of Facebook mobile is also pretty slick. It loads at similar speeds to the app, the design is similar as well, plus videos don’t autoplay (if this is something you aren’t a fan of). But bear in mind that some features are missing if you use Facebook in a browser. This includes Instant Articles and auto-liking posts right from the notification shade. For that, you’ll need to keep the app.

3. Phone performance will improve



I deleted the Facebook for Android app a while ago and haven’t regretted it. I’ve used Facebook in Chrome ever since and, during my testing, phone performance and battery life improved noticeably. I also lived without notifications for a time and, I have to say, it was quite nice to have a nice break from all the buzzing my phone used to do.

And hey, you could always reinstall again if you miss it.

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