Apple CEO Tim Cook meeting with the Pope today

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Sky News reporter Tom Cheshire says the Pope shares Cook’s strong stance on the environment and ecology. Both Pope and Cook are frequently named in the “world’s most important leaders” lists, so they do share some common ground in regard to influence.
The last time the Pope and Cook appeared together in the news, people were concerned the Pope’s US tour would delay the delivery of their new iPhones.

Pope Francis is generally seen as a more modern religious leader than his predecessors, actively using Twitter to convey his messages. He has described the Internet as a ‘gift from god’. The iPhone is the most successful internet communications product on the planet, so there is some overlap. Although it is a strange pairing, Apple touches every party of the world today through the iPhone and this includes religion.

We’ve asked Apple about Tim Cook’s visit and will update if we hear anything. In all likelihood however, the topics will remain confidential.

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