10 Tips for Making Better PowerPoint Presentations with Office 2016

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Most of us don’t get what Microsoft PowerPoint is all about.Like any presentation tool, it is meant to enhance what the presenter is saying. It is not a tool to do all the job for the presenter.If the latter had been true, TED Talks would have killed scores of audiences around the world. Death by PowerPoint bloodies the hands of a bad presenter.    “Your slides should be a billboard not a document!”    – Lee Jackson (Author)A PowerPoint presentation needs to work with the creative constraints of short attention spans. Not unlike the billboards designed to catch the eyes of speeding motorists. But, PowerPoint creators have the luxury of multiple slides to make a point. And some wonderful creative tools that have become better with the enhancements in Microsoft Office 2016.So, let’s dive into these new creative tools in PowerPoint 2016 and see how they can help you make better presentations.

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