iOS 10 release date rumours & possible features: When is iOS 10 coming out?

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iOS 10 release date: When is iOS 10 coming out?

We don't know exactly when iOS 10 will be unveiled yet, or when it'll be available to download and install on our devices, but based on Apple's history we can hazard a pretty good guess.

As with previous years, we expect Apple to give us our first look at iOS 10 in June when it hosts its annual Worldwide Developers Conference event in San Francisco. Very shortly after, developers will be able to download iOS 10 and start testing it with their apps to ensure they work correctly.

The latest reports suggest that there's only one possible week available for WWDC 2016 should Apple host the conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco where the event has taken place since 2007. The Moscone Center's website lists other conferences taking place on all dates aside from the week of 13 June, which is when we now expect WWDC 2016 to take place.

For us non-developers, the wait will be a little longer. It's usually not until autumn that new iOS versions become available for the public, and that typically coincides with a new iPhone launch in September. But this year, Apple shook things up a bit by allowing the public to have early access to a beta version of iOS 9 from July.

So expect iOS 10 to be revealed in June 2016, released to developers in June, released in beta form for the public in July and then released fully in September, with an official release date announcement during the iPhone 7 event and then the release around ten days later.
iOS 10 new feature rumours

There are already a few rumours about iOS 10. One is that a new 'Rootless' security system is going to make the operating system impossible to jailbreak.

It's also believed that iOS 10 could introduce a new app called Home, which will incorporate the work Apple has been doing on Homekit, designed to allow you to control all of your 'smart' home appliances from one central hub. It's an idea that's a bit like Health, which already encompasses all of your health-related data that's collected by your various fitness gadgets.

Apple is also rumoured to be working on iCloud Voicemail, which will take advantage of Siri's capabilities to talk to your callers and transcribe voicemail messages into text.

And there could be an update to the Find My Friends app to make it a lot more useful to a broader audience. Apple has filed a patent that essentially describes a system that can detect where your friends are, whether they're available to talk and the status of their phone (i.e Airplane Mode or Silent).

Features that we'd really like include the ability to customise the Control Centre, which is currently not an option. We'd also like to see new 3D Touch capabilities, some of which are already coming in the iOS 9.3 update.

In fact, we were surprised by how many new features Apple is adding in iOS 9.3. These features tend to be the kind Apple saves for major updates at WWDC, so it's an unusual move. When iOS 9.3 comes out in the next few months, you'll get a new Night Shift mode to automatically shift the colours to make them easier on your eyes before you go to sleep. You'll also get Touch ID security for Notes, updates to the Apple News app, updates to the Health app, updates to CarPlay and new Education tools.

Find out more in our iOS 9.3 round-up.
iOS 10 compatibility rumours

iOS 10 could spell bad news for owners of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s, as it's unlikely Apple will be able to support those older devices with the next major software update. We were even surprised that iOS 9 could run on them, so iOS 10 seems very unlikely.

Anything newer than the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S should be compatible, so you won't need to worry about upgrading just yet.
iOS 10 concepts

Below is a concept video created by that offers up some food for thought about what iOS 10 could look like.

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