Google Maps update brings some useful changes to the app

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Google Maps has been updated to version 9.20. The most important change is one that many Android users have been praying to the smartphone gods for. Have you every used Google Maps to navigate to a location, and in the middle of hearing the directions you receive a phone call? When you pick up the call, the navigation plays in the background while the caller is talking. The result? There is too much noise coming from the speaker as you miss a turn, or make a wrong turn, and end up lost.

But the update to Google Maps does away with this issue by giving you an option to turn off turn-by-turn navigation while on a call. Go to navigation settings and turn off "Play voice during phone calls." This way, when the phone rings, you will hear only the caller.

The update also links your photos and your reviews. This way, when you add your photos of a specific spot, they will show up next to a previous review of the location that you've written. You can also add locations to your timeline, even adding the time and date that you were at that spot.

Finally, the update adds a sign with the name of the street or exit that you are supposed to turn off on. Previously, the name of that street or exit appeared only at the top of the screen.

You can wait for the update to hit your phone, or you can download the APK file, . This is the most useful update to Google Maps that we've seen in some time.

1.Your pictures now link with your reviews


2. You now have an option to disable turn-by-turn navigation while on a phone call


3.You can add a location to your timeline




4. Google Maps has changed from this




5. this as street names and exits where you are turning off on now appear on a sign where you can quickly see it


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