Viber for Windows 10 Mobile Coming Soon with Video Calling Feature in Tow

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A new report coming from WindowsLatest confirms that Viber is now working to bring its application to Windows 10 Mobile. There's no mention of a universal app, but it will be great if Windows 10 Mobile users will be able to take advantage of what Viber has to offer. But that's not the only good news Viber fans will be pleased to hear. According to Viber, their new application for Windows 10 Mobile may include the video calls feature.

If you haven't yet migrated to Windows 10 Mobile, you can still use Viber since a Windows Phone version is already available in Windows Store for quite some time. While some companies have decided to drop development for Windows 10 Mobile, there are many others that will bring their Windows Phone apps to the new platform. Since Microsoft hasn't yet kicked off the rollout of Windows 10 Mobile for Windows Phones, developers aren't pressured to bring their apps to the new platform.

Unfortunately, there are loads of important apps that will need to be ported to Windows 10 Mobile and many developers might not be willing to spend the extra resources required to make that happen.

This is probably one of the reasons that projects like Astoria and Islandwood that are supposed to make it easier for Android and iOS devs to bring their apps to Windows 10 Mobile are so important for Microsoft.


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