Samsung-backed smart shoes will be your personal trainer

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Samsung launched Salted Venture and two other in-house companies fromC-Labs, a program that helps employees develop their ideas into new businesses. The IoFIT team said they based their idea on force plates, equipment used by fitness, rehab and golf facilities to measure athletic performance. The company isn't the first to come up with the idea, asXiaomi is reportedly working on a similar concept.

However, the company is focused on the coaching possibilities of the shoe, not just athletic tracking. By filming a workout, you can compare video with an overlay of the shoe data, showing if your weight is too much to one side during squats, for instance. That can help athletes monitor their own performance or let their coaches do it remotely.

Samsung's startup hasn't said when it's launching the shoe or how much it will cost. However, it's planning on demonstrating the tech at Mobile World Conference (MWC) in Barcelona next week and will be speaking to other shoe companies who may be interested. It said it also stressed style with the IoFIT and wants users "to feel proud when they wear our shoes in public," according to a marketing rep. We'll be there next week to give a look, of course, and we're sure Samsung will get all the feedback it needs.

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