Samsung's next smartwatch comes with an e-SIM

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If there's a snag, it's that none of the networks that Samsung namedrops in its release have operations in the US. For instance, carriers like Vodafone, Telefonica and Orange are on board, as well as Singaporean firms Singtel, M1 Limited and StarHub. It's something of a surprise, since both AT&T and T-Mobile support a version of the technology used in the cellular version of the iPad Air.

Samsung is hoping that the adoption of e-SIMs will help remove some of the hurdles that has held back adoption of internet-of-things devices. After all, the less you have to fiddle around with individual data plans and customer support to get your smart doorbell activated (for instance), the better. Vodafone executive Patrick Chomet agrees, saying that the launch of the e-SIM Gear S2 3G will spearhead a "new generation of devices" connecting to cellular networks.

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