The LG G5 will let you lock and load new batteries

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Another image, this time leaked to Android Authority, shows a bulbous attachment with a couple of dials and buttons on the outer edge. It's a blurry photo, but notorious smartphone leaker Evan Blass claims it's a camera accessory called the LG Cam Plus. Along with a comfier grip, the module reportedly adds an extra 1100mAh battery and buttons that can act as a shutter release and other traditional camera controls.


What we know for sure is threefold. Firstly, the device will be revealed on February 21st. Secondly, it'll feature an " always on" display that puts a smattering of information on your lock screen. Finally, there will be an optional Quick Cover that provides a window to the display and some touch-enabled features, such as taking calls and dismissing alarms.

The swappable accessory idea, which seems all but certain now, is a brave idea that should make the G5 stand out from its Android rivals. Whether customers have been clamouring for such a level of hardware customisation is another matter entirely, however.

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