LG unveils a compact LG 360 VR headset

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The LG G5 announcement gave us more than the G5. The company introduced a new series of smart accessories including additional G5-compatible modules like the LG Cam Plus and LG Hi-Fi Plus. In addition to those, you can treat yourself with some of the standalone gadgets. The first one to grab our attention was the LG 360 VR - an HMD (head-mounted display) headset. It requires connection to an external device to work (a smartphone or a slate) and looks like a very compact thing to wear on your head.

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The LG 360 VR has two displays, 1.88” 960x720px each, and is compatible with Google Cardboard and YouTube 360 content. The LG 360 VR will become available this spring, but the pricing is yet to be announced.


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