LG Rolling Bot goes official, will take care of your pet

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You can move it around your house and use it a remote control as well. It has an infra-red emitter, so you can fire up and control different appliances in your home - the TV, sound systems, air conditioner, among other things.

Finally, this cute robot can also take care of your pet. You can use it to watch and play with your dog or cat, you can even speak to them thanks to the integrated loudspeaker.

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The LG Rolling bot features a camera, a microphone, a speaker, there are some LEDs, too. It can be recharged via a regular USB charger, and we can surely put it to some work while we are away from home.

The rolling bot will hit the shelves around the same time the G5 goes on sale. Its retail price is yet to be announced. The compatibility of the Rolling Bot is yet to be detailed as well, but we hope it won’t be limited to just LG smart devices.

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