Oral-B just unveiled a new smart toothbrush which shows the potential P&G has to make more of its products 'smart'

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Oral-B has been in the smart toothbrush market for a couple of years, but the new device has "position detection technology" as well as a couple of other slicker design features.

The user places their smartphone in a robust-looking holder on the mirror in front of them. Then they need to fire up the dedicated Oral-B app, position their face in front of their smartphone's front-facing camera and begin to brush. Motion sensors inside the brush detect the areas being brushed.

As the user brushes they can watch the screen in front of them to essentially play the game of brushing their teeth. A little circle with segments represents their mouth, incentivizing the user to brush for the correct amount of time in each area of their mouth by making the color of each segment fade as they go. Oral-B says this is based on the insight that up to 80% of people spend an insufficient amount of time brushing at least one zone inside their mouth


Users need to sync their phone with the app around every two weeks in order to save their data to the app and check their progress, which can also be shared with their dentist. Oral-B only receives aggregated data about the 6.4 million brushing sessions tracked by the app since launch two years ago.

I chatted with the director of Oral-B global, Michael Cohen-Dumani, as we took a tour around the stand and watched people attempt a brushing challenge to see whether, without the help of the app, people were brushing each area of their mouths for long enough.


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