Davos 2016 Recap: How the World Views Big Data

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Article written by guest contributor: Satyen Sangani, CEO of AlationFor me, one of the interesting things about going to Davos is that I was able to get out of the Big Data bubble. In this bubble, everyone believes in the value of data and the inevitability of every company becoming a data driven enterprise.  (Of course, Davos provides an entirely different bubble — a story for a different blog.) The event gathered an incredible cross section of people, from artists to public officials to young leaders to Global 2000 CEOs to the leaders of NGOs, from pretty much every part of the world. With that lens, you get a pretty diverse set of viewpoints.Given the four sessions that I participated in, three that I observed, and another 75 or so conversations, here’s what I surmised about how the rest of the world views Big Data.

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