ARM unveils Cortex-A32 processor, ideal for wearables

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ARM has today announced the second member of the Cortex processor family, the Cortex-A32, set to power countless gadgets and wearables of the future. The new component is ARM’s smallest, lowest power ARMv8-A processor, prepared to run the next generation of gadgets including products in the consumer tech sector, smartwatches and more.

According to the folk over at ARM, the new Cortex-A32 processor offers higher efficiency and performance to chips before it, as well as scalability to target diverse embedded markets.

ARM has its eyes firmly set on embedded markets, an ‘incredibly diverse’ area that covers too many products to be counted. If it’s not a phone, PC or server, you can consider it a part of the embedded world.

A blog post on the ARM website reads:

“We built the Cortex-A32 for embedded, first and foremost. Embedded is an exciting market and wanted to continue to processors that accelerate the innovation in this market.”

Whilst the new chip only supports 32-bit, limiting the CPU design has allowed ARM to improve its overall effectiveness.

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Speaking about the advantages of using the Cortex-A32, an ARM spokesperson said:

“Compared to Cortex-A35, the Cortex-A32 offers same 32-bit performance but consumes 10% less power and has a 13% smaller core. This means that Cortex-A32 is 10% more efficient than Cortex-A35 processor in the 32-bit world.”

As we look ahead to the future and the ever-growing ‘Internet of things’, you can expect to see plenty of ARM components inside the gadgets of tomorrow.

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