OnePlus 3 should arrive by June this year

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Pei was reluctant to share any real specifics about the OnePlus 3, but he did stress his ambition to recreate the whopping success of the originalOnePlus One. Keen fans will be quick to note that the OnePlus 2 sold more units than its predecessor, but it is a fact that it didn't cause nearly as big of hype in the mobile realm. This is precisely what Pei wants to recapture with the OnePlus 3.

Design, for one, is said to undergo a major change and be a big departure from both the OnePlus One and the OnePlus 2. However, we still imagine that the signature sandstone back will be preserved, as it is a unique touch.



Another planned change has to do with marketing. Up until now the company has mostly relied on guerrilla marketing schemes and the infamous invitation system. This has helped foster quite a lot of interest and is a great way of gaining popularity, as well as enabling higher-value third-party resales. But this time, around, the company is allegedly going to fall back to a more traditional advertising campaign.

This could also be aimed at expanding OnePlus's presence in the US and the UK, both relatively new territory for the Chinese manufacturer.

According to Pei, the OnePlus 3 will come as an Unlocked phone in the US and will still likely be sold directly by the manufacturer, rather than a carrier, as is typical for the market. Still, he does anticipate a "better buying process" this time around, meaning the inconvenience of the invitation system should be eliminated, hopefully entirely.

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