New Android Support Library 23.2 brings day/night mode and bottom sheets to app devsblog

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Google has posted a few snapshots of Android Support Library 23.2 including an interesting pair that seems to showcase a Bluetooth connection interface complete with a new UI element - a sandwich menu. This could be a sneak preview of a new setting layout within the next Android N version of the OS or not.

But, considering the screencaps showcase the new Day/Night modes in the AppCompact theme and by design the Android Support Library usually works across many Android versions, we are a lot more inclined to believe that Google is simply using an internal app with a Bluetooth menu to showcase the new feature.
Such is the case with the just announced Bottom Sheets feature, which is showcased in the Google Maps app where this new design element is used to show context info. It can also be used to display info that is usually found on pop-ups.
It remains seen whether this Hamburger menu will really be part of the next Android version, but one thing is for certain - the rest of the new UI features should come to older Android versions as well.


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