Xiaomi Mi 5 Camera Samples Appear on Official Site

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Taking a look at the reduced resolution and cropped photos on the official Chinese Mi 5 website we can see the drastic improvements made from the Mi 4’s fairly lackluster camera to the one on the Mi 5. The purported shots taken from Mi 5 phones have been placed on the Mi 5 site and show a number of different factors and improvements over the previous generation Mi 4 including better motion capture, less hand jitter and sharper overall shots. One of the biggest features Xiaomi has been touting are the low light features of the Mi 5, including a new way to help brighten up a darker shot automatically without sacrificing image quality or creating lots of blur due to a long exposure shutter.

One of Xiaomi’s biggest pitfalls on its cameras historically has been ultra aggressive denoise filters, which typically make images look great on social networks but when blown up they look a bit fuzzy. While these small images make it incredibly difficult to tell if that sort of thing has been improved, the 16-megapixel resolution of the sensor helps make these negative effects less apparent since the images themselves are considerably larger than previous generation Mi phones. We’ll reserve final judgement for when we get one to review ourselves, and even sooner than that hopefully we’ll get some real full resolution images to draw from. For the time being check out the shots in the gallery below and let us know what you think!

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