Best new Android and iPhone apps (February 23rd – February 29th)

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So, we have some new productivity organizing apps, a cool cooking app for newbies, a cool camera app that made the jump from iOS to Android, a couple of new Microsoft Garage Project apps and more. Check them all out below, let us know which ones you liked, and certainly speak up if you know of a super-awesome new app, which we managed to miss.

1. Tyme 2



Price: $2.99

A tool for the active freelancer, Tyme allows you to track your workload, even have more than one timer active for more than one job. The app offers cloud sync, calendar sync, exporting stats as PDF sheets, and even auto starting and stopping tasks based on location.

2. Slow Motion GIF



Price: free

This app allows you to take slow-motion GIF animations with your camera, then patch them up in a short clip. The app will automatically add transition effects at normal speed, giving your GIFs a very cinematic-like feel.

3. Trumpmoji



Price: $0.99

The name of the app makes this one pretty apparent – you get a keyboard with a bunch of emoji, designed to look like one of the more colorful presidential candidates.

4. FocusList



Price: $4.99

FocusList wants to help you get more stuff done throughout the day, as it employs something called the Pomodoro Technique. You plan out your tasks for the day in advance, then the app guides you through the work process in 30-minute blocks – 25 minutes of focused work, 5 minutes of rest.

5. Polymail


Price: free

Polymail is another alternate email app, which supports swipe gestures, scheduled email sending, snoozing emails, unified inbox, et cetera – everything that is currently hip.

6. Mealime



Price: free

Freshly living alone, or just never gotten around to learning to cook for yourself? This app might help. It starts you off by asking you about allergies and food dislikes. Then, it will randomly propose a meal plan for your whole week, complete with the cooking recipes of course. Not only that, but once the plan is done, you also get a list of groceries you need to buy for all the recipes. All that's left is to cook them and... well, there's no easy way around that, maybe it won't be very tasty for the first few times.

7. Just2Do



Price: free

A simple to-do list, which allows the user to organize tasks by priority or schedule them for a future time. It's pretty barebones, and that's the point, as it doesn't want to be too distracting or burdensome and discourage you from actually keeping your to-do notes up to date. Swipe gestures keep it quick and easy for use.

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