Bugatti’s Chiron is the beastly, faster-than-fast, 1,500hp Veyron successor

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"Bugatti has tested the limits of physics," says company president Wolfgang Dürheimer. "The Chiron is the result of our efforts to make the best even better." With that in mind, Bugatti has constructed a new carbon fiber monocoque, which serves a dual purpose: communicating Bugatti's new, more aggressive design language and also enabling the car's fierce performance numbers. The Chiron has a new titanium exhaust system and the first airbag to shoot through a carbon fiber housing. Its array of eight LED headlights is complemented by what will likely become the Chiron's visual signature: a single rear light spanning the car's width. The one tantalizing omission from Bugatti's Chiron announcement is the car's absolute top speed — the company just says that the Chiron is ready to set a new record for production sports cars.

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