What’s New in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.122

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What’s surprising is that this build comes without a list of known bugs, which almost never happens in the case of insider preview builds, but could be a sign that work on the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade version is advancing well and exciting news for Windows Phone fans could be provided soon.

Specifically, Microsoft says that build .122 fixes issues affecting Microsoft Edge browser, including bugs that prevent Word Flow input on some websites when browsing the web. Additionally, it also addresses a problem that prevented the option to close all tabs to work correctly.

Improved performance of Windows 10 Mobile

While you can see the full list of fixes at the end of the article, there’s something that really deserves our attention because it could be living proof that we’re getting closer to the point when Windows 10 Mobile could finally be ready for prime time.

This build improves “overall OS reliability, including reliability of the Start screen, app updates, and the Windows Feedback app,” according to Gabe Aul, head of the Windows Insider program, which is one of the most important changes in this new release.

Windows 10 Mobile is already becoming a faster operating system, but with such improvements, it turns into a product that can safely be installed on Windows Phone devices. Insiders have previously reported issues with app updates and OS reliability, so seeing Microsoft focusing more on these things is clearly good news for everyone.

Below is the full list of changes in this build and let’s just hope that no major bugs would be discovered:


Improved Kanji input experience while using Continuum.

Improved the speed in which thumbnails appear for portrait videos.

Improved Internet Sharing on select mobile network configurations.

Fixed an issue in Microsoft Edge that prevented Word Flow input on some sites.

Fixed an issue that previously prevented the option to “Close all Tabs” in Microsoft Edge from closing all open tabs.

Improved IMS registration on select mobile network configurations.

Fixed an issue where adding your MSA during OOBE would fail and prevent the account from being re-added after the failure.

Improved the email sync experiences when connecting to Wi-Fi networks with a captive portal.

Improved data connection profiles for dual SIM devices.

Updated background processing of multiple changes to improve battery life of devices.

Improved quality of video record to SD memory cards.

Improved video recording audio in some cases.

Improved overall OS reliability, including reliability of the Start screen, app updates, and the Windows Feedback app

Improved Alarm reliability.[/CODE]

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